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Skyrocket your Leads generation. Seamless email addresses mining from webpages. Features auto-browsing and mass URL extraction.

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Exclusive Features of Leads Genius

Instant Email Extractor:

Experience the convenience of Leads Genius. Extracting emails is a breeze with a single click. Watch as Leads Genius automatically compiles all available emails from the webpage you're on.Elevate your lead generation into a seamless, efficient process that delivers promising leads without the extra effort.

Automated webpage Visit and Extraction:

Discover the power of Leads Genius' automated web visit and extraction. It supercharges your lead generation by navigating search results from Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The auto-visit feature explores links for you, extracting emails comprehensively. Uncover a goldmine of leads effortlessly.

Time Extraction:

Experience browsing harmony with Leads Genius. Our 5-second delay feature respects your web page loading time before extracting emails. Your browsing remains undisturbed, while you gather valuable leads seamlessly. Smart automation that puts your comfort first.

Bulk URL Extraction:

Leads Genius streamlines lead gathering with bulk URL extraction. Input multiple URLs together, and let the extension handle the rest. It extracts across all links, while you stay in command through the user-friendly interface. Simplify and expedite your lead generation journey today.

Leads Genius Options Page:

Discover the Leads Genius Options Page - your email management hub. Access a range of actions easily: view, copy, download, and delete collected emails. Stay informed with the total count and export options in CSV or TXT formats. Take total control of your leads from one central location.

Subscription Plans and Pricing:

Choosing your plan with Leads Genius is simple. Opt for monthly or annual subscriptions, unlocking its potent features. With your subscription, dive into impactful lead generation.

Support and Bug Reporting:

For bugs or feature requests, our support team is ready to help. Email us at

, and we'll be there for you. Plus, if you spot translation issues, let us know for smooth and accurate interactions. Your satisfaction is our commitment.


Leads Genius Is Not Just A Tool!

It's your marketing companion, tirelessly working to ensure every potential contact is captured and every sales opportunity is tapped.

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Leads Genius automates leads collection with a single click, saving your time and effort generating emails quickly.


Read Our FAQs

What is Leads Genius?

Leads Genius is a browser extension designed to streamline the process of lead generation by automating the collection of email addresses from web pages.

It offers features like:

Instant email extraction

Automated web page visits

Timed extraction

Bulk URL processing

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How does Leads Genius extracts email addresses ?

Leads Genius extracts email addresses by scanning webpages and identifying available email information. The extension gathers email addresses present on the page without even a single click.

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Who can benefit from Leads Genius?

Leads Genius is designed to benefit marketers, sales professionals, and researchers who are looking to save time and effort in collecting potential leads and contacts.

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Can Leads Genius extract emails addresses from search engine results?

Yes, Leads Genius can take your lead generation from search engine results to the next level. It automatically visits links displayed in search results and performs comprehensive email extraction.

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What s the "Time Extraction " features?

The "Timed Extraction" feature in Leads Genius allows a 5-second delay before initiating the extraction process. This ensures that web pages load efficiently before the extension begins collecting email addresses, enhancing your browsing experience.

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How does "Bulk URL Extraction" works?

Leads Genius simplifies the process of collecting email addresses from multiple web pages. Just input a list of URLs, and the extension performs mass extraction. You can manage and stop the extraction process as needed.

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How do you access the extracted email address ?

You can access your extracted email addresses through the Leads Genius Options Page. This control center allows you to view, copy, download, or delete your collected emails. You can also keep track of the total number of collected emails and download the data in CSV or TXT format.

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What subscription options are available for Leads Genius ?

Leads Genius offers monthly and annual subscription options. Upon subscribing, you'll need to logout from extension and login again to enable all features. This subscription model helps us continually improve our services for our valued users.

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How do I get support for Leads Genius?

For support inquiries, you can reach out to us at support@oziku.tech. Whether you have questions, need assistance with translations, want to report bugs, or have feature requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

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