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Text Configurations: Change webpage styling for better

readability including dyslexia friendly fonts such as OpenDyslexic

Pixie Reader version 0.9.1 Web Browser extension/add-on Features

Pixie Sidebar Widget (Floating Icon):

The widget will give you quick access to Pixie important features by hovering over the icon only Features include: Reader View, Dictionary, Mute, and Text to Speech voice reader...

Text Configuration

Readable Fonts (Dyslexia Friendly): We provide a large set of specialized fonts (Dyslexia Friendly) that improve/enhance readability and focus:

Arial , Calibri , Century Gothic , Comic Sans , Courier ,Helvetica , OpenSans , OpenDyslexic , Tahoma .

Screen Shader (Eyes Protection)

This option allows you to shade/tint the screen to reduce the lighting and protect your eyes.

Adjust Tint Color: To enable/disable and to set the color to use to tint/shade the screen Tint Brightness: To control the screen shading level where you can set it to your preference lighting level

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